This morning Chris helped me take my new measurements. I had taken my measurements and photos back in June, when we first started eating “mostly Paleo”, and on October 20th, when we started the 30 day challenge. My measurements hadn’t changed much between June and October, so I will share my June vs. November numbers.


  • Weight 146.3 lbs
  • Hips    40.5″
  • Chest    39.0″
  • Waist    30.5″
  • Thigh    22.5″
  • Bicep    11.0″


  • Weight 136.8 lbs
  • Hips    38.75″
  • Chest    35.5″
  • Waist    28″
  • Thigh    21.75″
  • Bicep    10.5″

I would like to thank Chris for dragging me kicking and screaming into this new way of eating. I found out that I really do have an issue with gluten. I haven’t noticed a real issue with dairy, but I’m guessing that I would feel better without that as well. I hope that my blog can help motivate and inspire others to just try it for 30 days. I thought the 30 day challenge would be a waste of time, but it really made a huge difference in going 100% paleo for a month. As I previously mentioned, I had eaten “mostly paleo” for several months, and hadn’t noticed any difference. All of my major changes in body composition were within the 30 days of strict eating. My challenge ended a week ago, and even though I totally pigged out at Thanksgiving, I haven’t gained any of the weight back.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Woo hoo! Great job!

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