11 Days In

It’s my 11th day on the 30-Day Paleo Challenge. I’ve lost 5 pounds since day one! You should be aware there are two things wrong with celebrating that: A) I’m not supposed to look at a scale during this, and B) don’t have a weight loss goal. But I’m excited regardless. The whole point of this challenge is for me to reset my system, and be able to see what foods really bother me, and to lose fat.

Mostly, we’ve been eating “ingredients.” For example, steak and sweet potatoes, slow cooker pork loin with veggies, chicken with salad. Last night we had bunless burgers, sweet potato spears and spinach salad. These kinds of meals and recipes aren’t interesting posts. Most of my breakfasts have been boiled eggs and fruit/berries. Lunches are either leftovers or salad. I’ve got a snack drawer at work filled with nuts, fruit, jerky and tea.

I haven’t gotten over the bread cravings yet, which I find strange since it’s been out of my system for so long. I also still crave my glass of red wine. I haven’t been good at all about my workouts. I plan to work out three times this week. I’ve just been too busy and tired at the end of the day to fit it in lately.

Tonight I’ll be making a recipe-based meal, and will be sure to post it for you all tomorrow.

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